Frequently Asked Questions

We are learning together. Please feel free to ask us your question if the answer cannot be found here.

We try to get your items to you in a timely manner, but this is not always possible. There are multiple causes for delay.

  1. Sometimes the auction house does not have them ready for us.
  2. We only visit most auction houses once a week.
  3. We only head out to your community (local delivery) once a week so these visits do not always align.


If your items are being shipped via third-party (i.e. Canada Post or UPS) then there is extra steps.

  1. We take your items to a different warehouse for proper packing for the third-party.
  2. They need to provide us with the dimensions and weight.
  3. We need to invoice you and you need to pay us prior to shipping the items.
  4. We need to have the items taken to the postal partner.


There are many moving parts, some of which we have no control over.

We strive for within a week after we pick up your items for local and regional deliveries and about two weeks if we are delivering outside the south east part of ON.
Why wait in line at an auction house or have to spend the time in traffic driving down. Some auction houses do not even offer delivery. What is your time worth, what is the gas worth. We do it in larger quantities.

It makes sense. Instead of 50 different pickups, they deal with one pick up. It is faster and easier. They just wheel our pallet of goods to the loading dock and we do the rest. For shipping, they no longer have to deal with chargebacks, customers looking for items, dealing with shipping companies and the costs of materials and people to pack and ship the items.

We use Interac e-transfer and PayPal which are globally recognized as secure payment platforms. Deliveries are insured for up to $100 at no additional charge. And we work directly with the auction houses on a number of issues and initiatives to improve the auction delivery process.

From London to Ottawa. This includes Toronto and the GTA, along the 401 and hwy 7. Down the 403 and 401. Not sure if we deliver to your house, just ask. Our deliveries outside the footprint are handled by companies like FedEx, UPS, USPS, and Canada Post.

Click here to see if we deliver to your postal code.

Most things that fit inside of an SUV or similar delivery vehicle. Sofas and other furniture, appliances, and other big items are not standard, but we are open to discussion. 🙂 We are open to explore any request.
People and other living things, illegal things, dangerous things, and anything else that we don’t want to. We may pick up your pizza, but we may not deliver it.
Usually afternoons and evenings until 9:00. Weekends are common. So the short answer is anytime up until bedtime.
We leave it at the door. Other arrangements have been made in the past. We have started to send notification via text of our delivery window or if there is no answer. We continue to improve this process.