Flat Rate Delivery

For standard sized boxes in our local delivery area.


Your city and area (i.e. GTA)
$ 20 First Package
  • 2-3 days
  • Std Box
  • Local driver


i.e. London to Toronto
$ 25 First Package
  • 3-5 days
  • Std Box
  • Our drivers


Across Canada and USA
$ 28 First Package
  • 1-2 weeks
  • Tracking #
  • 3rd Party Logistics

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The Fine Print

We want this experience to be wonderful and for you to use the service over and over again. Please familiarize yourself with our terms and conditions for pricing deliveries.

Flat Rate Pricing

Flat rate prices are for a standard sized package delivered in the local and regional delivery.

Standard is under 50 inches (120 cm) and 12 lbs (5 kg),
Large is under 60 inches (150 cm) and 22 lbs (10 kg),
X-large is under 70 inches (180 cm) and 30 lbs (15 kg) 

We do our best to give you the benefit of the doubt. A bunch of small things in a bag or small (i.e. Kraft Diner) boxes would be the equivalent of a standard box. 


As we are growing so is our reach. From London to Ottawa with our drivers and only a small flat rate bump in price as we go from region to region. For example $7 extra to pick up in Toronto and deliver to Ottawa or London.


A premium is added to the local and regional delivery of Large and X-large packages.

For Large packages add $5 to the base price.
For X-large packages add $10 to the base price.


We usually cover our London and GTA region weekly and Ottawa and places along the way every two to three weeks or when volume makes it worth it. If the packages are delivered through a 3rd party shipper, this process is usually a two or three weeks.

We are in the process of improving this.

Additional boxes

Of course the second and third boxes are going to be a little less with our Local and Regional delivery. $8 and $10 respectively for a standard size box.

Oversized Items

The short answer is yes and our sore backs remind of this. These requests require special coordination and pricing so reach out to us first. We are not a moving company.

Only reach so far

We can only pick up at auction houses in our existing ON footprint. We are open to add more if it is on one of our routes. Please click here to share your suggested location.


We collect delivery fees from the winning bidder. The auction house does not collect from the bidder’s credit card nor do they pay us for the delivery.

Be Kind

If you are the type of person that wants to threaten legal action or social media negativity on us, then please do not bother us. You are wasting energy that is better used for your life elsewhere and we would rather use our energy on the customers that appreciate what we are trying to build.

Damage to Items

We do not insure items for damage as most items are sold ‘where is’ and ‘as is’ and provided to us in packaging that often leave the items vulnerable to damage. Best effort only.

Insurance for Lost Items

We insure lost deliveries for up to $100 maximum per order.


Items are held for 14 days and if not paid for, we reserve the right to sell the items to recover the costs for pick up and storage.

Delivery Address

The address provided in your pkgPlace profile is the address we deliver to. If you require delivery to a different address, please make the change to customer profile for the delivery.


We do not provide quotes. If you want a rough idea how much it will cost to have your items delivered via our 3rd party partners, please go to UPS and enter the dimensions and weight. The quote provided will be very similar to our delivery price. We do add a premium to the price for pick up and preparation for shipping.

Tracking #

We do not provide tracking numbers for local deliveries, but do provide one in the order details found in the customer portal.

Auction House Search

Check to see if your favorite auction house is one of our regulars.

Suggest an Auction House

Suggest your favorite auction house and we will add it to our list.