About Us

Once upon a time, in a world of hidden treasures and forgotten gems, there existed a delivery company that added a touch of excitement and thrill to the world of auctions and liquidations. This company, aptly named “pkgPlace,” was not your ordinary delivery service. It was a gateway to a world where each package held the promise of discovery and the possibility of a new beginning.

The story began in the dusty shelves of a forgotten warehouse, where a prestigious auction house was preparing for its grand event. Curators meticulously inspected each item, delicately preserving their rich history and captivating stories. From Amazon returns to 70’s pop culture, these treasures were soon to be dispersed to new owners, eager to cherish and showcase their newfound acquisitions.

But the journey didn’t end there. pkgPlace stepped onto the scene, their dedicated team ready to orchestrate the intricate dance of logistics. They carefully readied each piece, treating them as if they were fragile dreams waiting to be realized. With utmost care, the treasures were loaded onto their specialized vehicles, the engines humming with anticipation.

As the sun spans the city, pkgPlace embarks on a daily adventure, delivering precious cargo under the smog filled sky. The roads become their treasure map, guiding them to auction houses, collectors’ residences, and virtual bidders eagerly awaiting their prized possessions. Every delivery is a moment of suspense, as recipients eagerly unwrap their packages, discovering the secrets that lay within.

Through their dedication and expertise, pkgPlace brings joy to collectors, connecting them with the objects of their desire. They understand that behind each item lay a story, a history that deserved to be cherished and preserved. With their seamless service, they transformed the world of auctions and liquidations into an enchanting journey, where every delivery holds the potential for new beginnings, fond memories, and endless possibilities.

And so, the legend of pkgPlace begins to grow, as word spread of their exceptional service, their passion for the craft, and their unwavering commitment to the auction and liquidation community. With every delivery, they continued to fuel the dreams of collectors, bridging the gap between the past and the future, and turning ordinary transactions into extraordinary experiences.


What People are Saying

"Your so awesome! I wish everybody was as kind as you are with online orders."
Lisa M
Customer, Auction Network
"Thank you so very much for your kindness and efforts. We will meet again."
Jim J
Customer, MJ Auctions
"Just got an email from the customer saying he's very pleased with the fast delivery!"
Daniel Schlegel
Co-Founder, TerraSmart
"Haha love the fact that I came across your service. Super handy for me!"
Mitch S
Customer, Various Auction Houses
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