Delivery from the auction to your door.

We work with auction houses across Ontario to deliver your items to Canada and the US.

Expanded Pick Up Locations
We are now picking up from over 50 auction houses.
Payment Through The Portal
'Click-to-pay' directly through your dashboard
Follow Your Delivery
Dashboard updates along the way to help you track you items.
Flat rate pricing
Know in advance of how much your delivery will be.
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London to Toronto pick ups

Deliveries across CANADA and the USA

How it Works

Request a Delivery

We Pick Up your Items

Send you an Invoice

And Deliver your Items

For all your non-auction deliveries, use our white glove delivery service

On the Move

A general idea of our delivery areas. Our casual drivers in Ottawa, K/W, Scarborough will deliver through the week. Please feel free to reach out if you are wondering when your items will be delivered.


City of Toronto


Along the 401 from London to Toronto


West GTA and cities along the QEW


Scarborough to Newmarket and North GTA (above the 401)


401 East of Scarborough


Some important notes regarding our deliveries

Not for Every Auction

You paid for your items, so shouldn't you decide who picks them up!! 🙂

We agree! However, a couple of auction houses have not been accommodating. If you do not see your favorite auction house in the drop-down list, just let us know. If we can add them, we will. And if not, we can tell you about some of the great ones that we work with.

Big Items

Under special arrangement, we can assist with larger items. It is not our specialty, but we will deliver. If you are looking to have these items moved into your house, then a moving company may be your best choice.

Book Your Next Delivery With Us

Simply set up your account and then use our intake form to book your delivery.