Delivery from the auction to your door.

Working with auction houses in Ontario to deliver items to your door. Delivering across Canada and the US.
Expanded Pick Up Locations
We are now picking up from over 25 auction houses.
Payment Through The Portal
Coming soon - pay directly through your portal
Follow Your Delivery
An updated portal along the way to help you track you items.

More than Just Auctions,

We're Picking Up Across ON


Serving London to the Greater Toronto area and Hamilton and all the way to Ottawa with local and regional drivers. The rest of Canada and the US is serviced with partners like USPS and Canada Post.

How it Works

Request a Delivery

Register as a customer and request a delivery through your portal.

User Tip - Set up your account and bookmark your homepage. You should also allow to email you (white list).

We Pick the Items

Most items are picked up with 5 days. They are sorted for local or 3rd party delivery.

User Tip - If your items are not picked up within the date specified. Most auction houses are great and support our efforts.

We Invoice the Delivery

We invoice the delivery after pick up and assessment. Invoicing for local delivery is usually within a day and about 4 days for 3rd party deliveries.

User Tip - Keep an eye on your portal or for an email from us.

And then We Deliver

Once you pay the delivery invoice, we put your package on the truck. Local delivery usually happens weekly London through the GTA and bi-weekly (usually) heading east to Ottawa.

User Tip - Tracking numbers and delivery status can be found in your portal under order 'details'.

For all your non-auction deliveries, use our white glove delivery service

On the Move


401 East to Ottawa - every second week


London via 401 - 403 loop (K/W, Hamilton, Oakville)


GTA west (403) and central GTA (N of 401)


East GTA (Oshawa, et al)


GTA west (401) and East Toronto (Scarborough, Danforth, etc.)

Ticking the Boxes

Track it Live

Track the progress from the auction house to your door.

Flat Rate Pricing

Flat rate for most common sized boxes.

Online Portal

Login to track the status of all your deliveries.

Local Drivers

Working with local drivers in each community.

Auction Houses
Happy Clients

What People are Saying

We are working hard to ensure that everyone’s experience is a positive one.
"Your so awesome! I wish everybody was as kind as you are with online orders."
Lisa M
Customer, Auction Network
"Thank you so very much for your kindness and efforts. We will meet again."
Jim J
Customer, MJ Auctions
"Just got an email from the customer saying he's very pleased with the fast delivery!"
Daniel Schlegel
Co-Founder, TerraSmart
"Haha love the fact that I came across your service. Super handy for me!"
Mitch S
Customer, Various Auction Houses


Learn about our most commonly asked questions, or check out our complete list of FAQs.

What Next

After we pick up your items, we prep and assess the delivery at our warehouse to set the delivery fee.


You will receive the delivery invoice via email. Once you pay, we deliver the items.

Big Items

Under special arrangement, we can assist with larger items within our regional delivery team.

Book Your Next Delivery With Us

Simply set up your account and then use our intake form to book your delivery.

Auction House Search

Check to see if your favorite auction house is one of our regulars.

Suggest an Auction House

Suggest your favorite auction house and we will add it to our list.

Book a Delivery

For all of our White Glove Deliveries, please fill out the information below.


With the recent increase in gas prices, we have to increase our price for local delivery.