Your local delivery company!

White Glove Local Delivery
White glove local package deliveries at an affordable price
Community Drop Spots
To the doorstep or one of our convenient package delivery and return locations
Reusable Delivery Bins
Eliminate cardboard boxes and packaging materials from deliveries

Auction Delivery

Fast and with no fuss!!
Are you tired of waiting in line or not being able to buy from auction houses?
We pick up from auction houses across Ontario.

White Glove Delivery

No subscriptions, no contracts, just good rates.
Tired of costly brown cardboard yet? Or dealing with lost or damaged items?
We offer Competitive prices, delivery to the doorstep
mostly on the same or next day.
We offer Competitive prices, delivery to the doorstep, mostly on the same or next day.

We are a locally owned company that wants to provide a white glove delivery service. 

We feel our small touches benefit the customer, the merchant and the environment.

No subscriptions, no contracts, just good rates and better service.

Give us a try!

Delivered with care

Why Retailers are Using pkgPlace

Delivery Costs

Reduce delivery costs when using our community BOPIS storefront pkgPlace locations.



Every pkgPlace is an additional BOPIS location. Compete nationally with big box stores with BOPIS. To the doorstep is also offered.

Delivery Bins

Eliminate single-use cardboard boxes and packaging materials with pkgPlace reusable logistics bins.



Eliminate package theft costs when packages are delivered to a safe locally owned pkgPlace location.


Improve processes and reduce costs by using pkgPlace locations for all your RMA returns.


Unbundle pallets and shipping containers and let us deliver the packages.


No more worry about deliveries being left out in the rain or buried under the snow.

Delivery and Reusable Bins

Community Drop Spots

PkgPlace - No More Stolen Parcels
1 %
Experienced pkg theft
$ 1
Replace a package
1 %
costs of last mile Delivery
pkgPlace delivery locations

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