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White Glove Delivery

Why use utility delivery companies for your awesome customers?


Toronto, west of Toronto, and up to Barrie


Toronto, east of Toronto, and North of the 407,


London, K/W, Hamilton (401 - 403 loop)


Toronto and neighboring cities


401 from Mississauga and east of Toronto to Ottawa.

Tired of costly brown cardboard yet? Or dealing with customer’s lost or damaged items?

Why not delivery your items in the same retail bags that you would use in your stores? Looks great for your brand and saves expenses.

Competitively priced, we deliver to the doorstep. Same or next day for most items.

No subscriptions, no contracts, just good rates and better service.

Give us a try!

Stop wasting money on mediocre delivery


Doorstep and pkgPlace Drop Spots

Zone 1

(M postal Code)

Toronto, Etobicoke, North York, and Scarborough


Zone 1
$ 12 per delivery
  • Same day / next day
  • On route tracking
  • Photo confirmation
  • Use your retail packaging
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Zone 2

Neighbouring Toronto

Mississauga, Brampton, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, and Markham

to Ottawa (Fridays)

Stittsville to Orleans to Barrhaven

to London (Wednesdays)

K/W, Guelph, Hamilton, Brantford, Woodstock, etc.

The 401 East

Between Ajax and Ottawa turn off


Zone 2
$ 15 per delivery
  • 1-2 day delivery
  • On route tracking
  • Photo confirmation
  • Use your retail packaging
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Request a doorstep delivery

Fill out this form and pkgPlace will pick up and deliver goods. New customers please send payment to

Soon we will have an app to make this easier. 


    Same day in the M postal code and next day delivery in the areas around Toronto including Mississauga, Brampton, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, and Markham.

    Orders from Toronto to Ottawa or Montreal are delivered at the end of the week.

    Know exactly what your costs are without having to waste time looking it up. We are flat rate and keep our pricing at the lower end of the spectrum.

    Cardboard boxes, packaging material, time to pack, and the space needed are all additional expenses with each delivery.

    We suggest simple craft bags with your brand stamped or a sticker to advertise. Keep it simple and inexpensive and quick.

    Myers or Uline for bags.

    We can take a photo of each delivery and even get a voice recording if required. It gets hard to claim the package as stolen and saves you the time wasted dealing with claims.

    For a small fee, we can deal with all the claims.

    pkgPlace integrates with platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce and any other that allow API integration. Our team will help you set up.


    Ongoing, any orders placed throught ‘local delivery’ come directly to us.

    We are constantly adding in new postal codes and extending our service.

    Our plug-in in coming soon… we hope 🙂

    We want you to know your driver. Is that not what white glove is all about?

    Our drivers are coming from retail and will have the personality and customer service experience to handle most of your customer issues before you hear about them.

    So the customer was not home. They have the option of picking up the package at one of our pkgPlace drop spots or we can bring it by in the next few days.

    Don’t forget, we also provide driver tracking and notification when we are on their way. The customer can also communicate directly with us to make arrangements.

    Packages are insured for up to $100.00 for damage due to mishandling by the pkgPlace delivery driver.

    Crappy bags, rain or snow, and other elements beyond our control are not covered.

    If there is consistently a minimum number of packages being picked up at your location, a small discount can be provided.

    Tracking numbers are great for when packages are moving between trucks and distribution centers, but with same day / next day delivery they become obsolete. Our driver tracking technology allows the customer to see when the driver is in their neighbourhood.

    You are not an account number and we don’t force you to do everything online or using your touch pad.

    Your call will either reach the owner or someone near and dear to the owner 🙂

    Retailer FAQ

    Most frequent questions and answers
    • Elimination of package theft expenses.
    • Elimination of single-use cardboard boxes and packing materials.
    • Value in more BOPIS locations.
      Reduction in RMA costs.
      Importance of a lighter environmental footprint.
    • Very competitive delivery prices.


    • Reduce your customer fees; more sales should be made.
    • Elimination of package theft is a huge saving for merchants.
    • And your customers.
    • The environmental impacts will be part of your company value.


    • The first shipment for any customer joining pkgPlace via your website (checkout included) is free.


    Let your Customers know that

    • You have many storefronts for pick up.
    • You care about their experience.
    • You care about the environment.
      You care about their safety.


    The first delivery for each new customer is on us. 

    • Promotion pkgPlace at checkout.
    • Provide a link to sign-up.
    • Suggest it for returns.

    At the end of the month, you will be offered a credit towards your monthly bill.


    The most ideal way to deliver into a local area.

    • Label and pack deliveries into the reusable pkgPlace bins.
    • Drop the bins at a pkgPlace location for us to pick up or have pkgPlace pick them up at your facility.
    • Leave it to us to deliver the packages to the local pkgPlace locations by the next day.
    • Delivery to pkgPlace locations across Canada is limited by the shipping partner (i.e. Canada Post / FedEx)


    • Customer uses pkgPlace address.
    • Uses account # and not their last name.
    • No money to be collected.


    • Customers are directed to the app from your website before checkout.
    • Downloading the app and setting up an account takes a minute or two.
    • Coming soon is a plug-in for direct account set up from your shopping cart checkout for platform providers like Shopify.
    • Plug-ins are planned for Shopify, Square, Woo Commerce and others.


    • We are not adding more stops, just more packages per stop so any significant seasonal increase is marginalized with our model.


    • Customers will know almost immediately when their package has been scanned into the pkgPlace location.


    • It takes less than 30 seconds to pick up a transaction using our QR scan out.
    • Most packages are picked up by the shopper within two days.


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    White glove delivery at an affordable price

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