Auction Warehouse Management

Saving the auction house two or three minutes on each invoice adds up to pure profits!!!

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Auction Savings

We turn minutes into money!

Spreadsheets and customer emails can’t keep pace with the demands of the auction house operations. Picking items and having to deal with pickup and shipping adds to the crazy.

It’s time to start saving money and pain.

pkgPlace warehouse managment has mobile access, is affordable, and integrates with HiBid and other platforms.

Convenient Mobile Access

Mobile Invoice Selector

Using a mobile phone or tablet, queue up the next invoice to be picked. Each invoice shows a list of all items (Lots). Filter the invoices for simplicity.

Mobile item pick list

Start picking the items. Make digital notes for damaged or missing items and confirm once complete. The time to pick each invoice is tracked.

Mobile invoice Summary

After completion, see a summary and even access an updated inovice, complete with item status. Customers see this as well.

Friendly Management Dashboard

Your Opearations Dashboard

A dashboard for quick access to everything you need to manage the warehouse. Saving you money with each invoice.

View Invoices

Invoice Summary
View customer invoices
Invoice Details
Access to the invoice information including payment status
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View Items

Item Summary
View items in the warehouse including the location
Item Details
See the details including the buyer info
Mobile Access
View with ease from cell or tablet
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Auction Summary

See every auction at a glance. With quick access to all the details.
Auction List

Employee Management

Manage employee productivity with real-time tracking.
Employee Info

Free for Three

Three free auctions for early bird sign ups.
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Coming Soon

We are listening to your feedback

Easy to Use Barcodes

Customer View

Ticketing system

Pickup and Delivery

The short answer is about $.25 to $.40 for every item in your auction.

  1. Employees spend time printing, filing, and managing paper invoices. ~ $.50 per hour per employee
  2. Save about 30 seconds per item on intake or cataloging which adds up to one or two extra items per hour for each person doing intake. ~ $.125 per item per employee
  3. Finding items faster will save another 30 seconds per item.  ~ $.125 per item per employee
  4. By using thermal paper for picking slips, the auction saves about $.05 for each page of paper they print. A two page invoice is $.10.  ~$.05 per invoice.
1000 items and 250 invoices is $262.50

Depending on how many invoices you produce a month, we charge between $.15 to $.25 per invoice, not item. So for 100 items and 250 invoices, the net savings to the auction is $250.

For the early adopters, it will be $.10 per invoice for the first while.

Of course! We want to see you succeed. We have some folks that you can chat with during the onboarding to help you out.

We have already been asked about including lot titles, bulk editing, and consigners to make the cataloging process easier.

As you will note elsewhere in this page, we do have a roadmap with some more complex additions, but those will be added to the next versions of the software.

You totally can. However, we do want auctions to test this and give us honest feedback so we can continue to improve the software. That is why the first three auctions are free and the price is $.10 per invoice for all auction houses right now.

We understand that some people do not want to venture into new things. We will hear from you when you are ready.

For now, just click on the ‘sign up’ button. We will reach out to you and collect additional information including payment method.

That is not our plan. We are very interested in connecting your customers to their items and to make it very easy for the auction house to provide this.

Quick pick, easy curbside pick up (coming soon), and delivery. What we are doing integrates well with the big auction software applications and the smallest. We want to be neutral and just offer good value added services to the industry.

That is what we are working towards.

Currently we provide delivery in a foot print that is about 500 miles wide and over 50 auction houses. We are building our delivery software to fully integrate with the Inventory application you are seeing on this page.

Yes, in our customer integration version release.

Included is curbside pick up with a notification for the customer to let the auction know when they are on the way and full visibility of the items picked with a recheck feature for the customer.

Move the customer in and out as fast as possible.

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