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We are trying to solve the headache of pick up by offering to do it for you.

The biggest headache with classifieds like Kijiji is dealing with the other party. No-shows, last minute haggling, theft, and more make the process a pain. 

And with auctions, the waiting and fussing is a waste of valuable time.

We can also pre-collect payment. Once received, the money is forwarded to the seller.

Buyer and Seller Agree

The buyer and seller agree on the terms of the purchase.

Send Us the Details

Usually the buyer lets us know about it and makes pre-payment.

And We Deliver

We pick up and deliver the item and then pay the seller.

Our service is safe and easy to use. Once the request is completed, we notify both the buying and selling parties and begin the process. Once payment is received, if required, we begin the process to pick up and deliver the item(s).

Payment is made to us via e-transfer to avoid credit card fees and to keep the processing costs at a minimum.

No more last minute haggling, dealing with no-shows, or worrying about carrying  money or e-transfer cancellations.

Both parties agree to use the service and the request, along with payment is made to pkgPlace.


Doorstep and pkgPlace Drop Spots


In the M postal code

Toronto, Etobicoke, North York, and Scarborough

Same day

M postal code
$ 15 per delivery
  • Driver tracking
  • Photo confirmation
  • No shipping box req'd
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2-3 day

M postal code
$ 12 per delivery
  • Driver tracking
  • Photo confirmation
  • No shipping box req'd
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Outside Toronto

L postal codes

Prices are to or from the M postal code to your L postal code community.

Mississauga, Brampton, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, and Markham

Same day

M postal code
$ 18 per delivery
  • Driver tracking
  • Photo confirmation
  • No shipping box req'd
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2-3 day

M postal code
$ 15 per delivery
  • Driver tracking
  • Photo confirmation
  • No shipping box req'd
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Most frequent questions and answers

To eliminate the inconvenience and safety risks. Eliminate strangers at your home, last minute hagglers, and aggressive behavior.

Conveniently have items delivered to your home with a process that is safe. Reduce the hassle of driving across the city and access more items.

Interac e-Transfer users are protected by multiple layers of security, making the service one of the most secure money transfer services globally. Items are insured for their value.

Toronto and area (Mississauga, Brampton, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, and Pickering), Calgary, Ottawa, and Montreal.

Most things that fit inside of an SUV or similar delivery vehicle. Sofas, bikes, big screen TVs usually do not fit, but we are open for offers. 🙂

People and other living things, illegal things, dangerous things, and anything else that we don’t want to.

We have various delivery methods, but we don’t start the process until payment and acceptance by the seller and buyer is received. Once we pick up the item(s), the clock starts.

The buyer is paid within 24 hours after the item is delivered. It is usually a lot faster.

the buyer is responsible for pre-screening. If in the event that the item is not wanted, we can return it to the seller. The fee will be charged back to the buyer at the lowest delivery rate in that region.

The fees are set based on the timeliness of the delivery and within a single city. In Toronto area, it covers the ‘area’. 

We will leave the item and send you a photo of it in its location. Our process is to send you notification via email of our delivery window.

That depends. We will ship a package anywhere in Canada and the US, however a secondary rate will be charged based on the additional costs. Going between Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and anywhere in between is available. Please contact us.

Mostly, they are people that are delivering for our retail customers and are trying to make some extra money to tend to their families. They get the larger portion of the delivery fees. We are not Amazon!!

Safety!! Convenience is a big plus.

Normally during week. Afternoons and evening until 8:00. As we get bigger, weekends will become an option.

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PS We know this is a lengthy pain in the butt form. If you keep using our service, we will invest in the app. You know, cool things like accounts and address on file. 

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