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Global Shipment, Local Delivery

Shipping large volumes across international boarders. We will unpack and deliver your goods to houses or safe community locations.

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Quick Warehouse Turnaround

When a shipment arrives at our local warehouse, we immediately get to work.

The shipments are unpacked and added to the delivery route. Once sorted, most packages are delivered by the end of the next day.

We use software that will capture photos and signatures as proof of delivery and track drivers progress with GPS.


Lower Cost Delivery

To keep your delivery costs and losses to a minimal, we have incorporated safeguards.

We completely eliminate package theft costs with optional community depots where customers can pick up their packages.

We also help retailers with returns by managing their resale into the local markets to eliminate reverse logistics costs.

Our reusable delivery bins eliminate packaging and excessive shipping fees from your global warehouse. Ship us the goods and we place them in delivery bins and delivery them to the local outlets.


There are Many reasons to work together!

Delivery Costs


Delivery Bins from our Warehouse to the customer

Locations for Pick Up


Eliminate Package Theft




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