Your local delivery company!

Would you spend two bucks to prevent online package theft, save a tree, or protect your identity?

With pkgPlace, two bucks will get you all of the above.

Honestly, we can use your two bucks to help get us going. Think of it as a crowdfunding project that has a million people each donating two bucks. In return, each donor gets to use the benefits of a pkgPlace Location for free.

The two bucks pays the independent community based pkgPlace Location to process your package.

Using a pkgPlace location helps an independent business owner in your community. Using a pkgPlace Location to deliver your online packages to:

Here is our view of the future. The online merchants are really the biggest winners of our service. Today, they have to replace almost all the stolen packages at their expense and they are also stuck paying premiums or surcharges to the delivery companies. We save them these charges, help ensure their customers are happier with the delivery process, and give them access to being part of a model for a sustainable e-commerce last mile.

If the merchant pays the fee instead of the shopper, they will be able to promote pkgPlace as their own pick up locations, giving them a competitive edge. More importantly, the shopper will not have to pay the fee.

Viola! A win for all of us!

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