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Theft of online deliveries is so bad, there is a name for it, ‘Porch Pirates’

Porch Pirates
About 1.7 million packages a day go missing in the US

Package thieves (a.k.a.Porch Pirates) are lurking in your neighborhood. They are watching your doorstep, following the delivery truck, and waiting to pounce.

Amazon, eBay and other e-commerce marketplaces do little to help with this matter. In truth, they are distancing themselves from package theft. If your package is stolen, the cost falls on the merchant. If your property is damaged, the cost falls on the delivery contractor. In the case of Amazon, they use third-party delivery companies which hire contracted drivers to deliver your packages, so they end up holding zero liability for any issues with your delivery.

People are regularly inconvenienced trying to ensure they get their packages safely. Missing work to wait for a delivery and asking friends and family to meet the driver. Amazon’s idea of letting complete strangers deliver the package into your home or garage is not the answer either and is actually creepy. Just ask this Montreal QC family. Full access but no liability is like asking my dog to guard the apple pie.

When we look at life through different lenses, we see things differently. 

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