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The Importance of Curbside Pickup in a Post-COVID world

Curbside Pickup

In a post-COVID world, businesses will have to adapt their practices to ensure customer safety. Keeping all of the conveniences that the shopper are used to.

This year, Walmart made history by advertising curbside pickup during Super Bowl 54. Now available at over 3100 of their locations, Walmart’s curbside pickup is helping make things easier for their shoppers. This market leaders is innovating by delivering directly to the customer’s car. Target and Best Buy have followed suit, and more curbside retailers are sure to come.

Shoppers love having the ability to pickup in-store.

According to a 2013 study by Forrester Group commissioned by Accenture, 47 percent of customers surveyed said they used in-store pickup to avoid shipping fees. 25 percent so they could get their products sooner and 10 percent indicated that they found it more convenient than waiting for a delivery.

In a more recent study from CFI Group , it was found that 78 percent of consumers consider in-store pickup of online orders either important or very important, proving that the benefits of in-store pickup are clear. This trend has only accelerated in post COVID, where shoppers are looking for the safest, fastest and most convenient way to receive their orders.


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