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Reducing the environmental waste in the last-mile of e-commerce

My idea of changing the world starts with you. Everyone of you.

To make the world a better place, we all need to reach out in some small way and help. For me and the pkgPlace team, we love the idea of eliminating single-use cardboard boxes and reducing the vehicle emissions from the delivery trucks that race up and down our streets.

Ambitious? Heck yes! Possible? Without a doubt. But only with your help.

I will spew a few statistics to help you understand why this matters and then share what we are doing to solve this huge and growing problem.

While estimates of single-use cardboard boxes reach over 1 billion per year, one thing is very clear. We have a problem and as e-commerce continues to explode, it is only getting bigger.

Companies are building lockers to drop packages into, proposing plastic bags for deliveries, and competing to deliver packages within a day or less. With these fragmented solutions, the real problems above are not being solved.

Delivery trucks are still driving up and down the streets blowing emissions into our homes and single-use cardboard boxes are still the norm and piling up at the curb.

pkgPlace solves these environmental and community safety problems with community retailers and some awesome technology. Viola!

The reduction of emissions from trucks is immediate. Just ship the package to your favorite pkgPlace address and we will notify you, using the app, upon the delivery of the package.
The elimination of the boxes will begin slowly and start with corporations that have distribution within your city to your pkgPlace location.

A win for all of us!

Be kind,

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