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Heading to the store without the excitement of going inside

As retailers are racing to respond to COVID-19 shutdowns during their busiest season, there is a commonality that the impacts of COVID will be felt for a long time. For some it means making what they can until having to shut down in 2021, while for others it means dealing with a new surge.

Stores are closed and organizations like Roncesvalles Village BIA are encouraging shoppers to buy local.

For the store owner, they are trying to help make this season as joyful and convenient as possible. Storefront pick up and delivery are becoming staples in our vocabulary. However, as many of these companies are discussing ways to survive, the environment and our neighbourhoods are paying the price.

Each delivery means a truck on the already congested streets and more emissions in the air. Packages are often being left on the steps only to be stolen or to have them soaked in the wet snow or freezing rain.

While storefront pick up is like going to the ice cream store without money. You have to deal with traffic, find parking, and then make your way to the door front to pick up your package without being able to go inside and enjoy the experience. It is even more difficult as many of the retailers that I have searched are working with limited ‘package pick up hours’.

Yikes, it is a no-win for the retailers and for the shoppers.

There is an easy convenient solution, delivering the purchases to a pkgPlace location.

And best of all, it does not cost anything.

Try pkgPlace now. You will love it!

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