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How pizza companies sell more by embracing e-commerce

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Literally ‘thinking outside of the box’ means more pizza sold.

What if the pizza company knew before you did that you would be contacting them?

What would this be worth? Targeted marketing like this is a company’s dream. The ability to measure the success of each transaction, low investment, immediate return, pinpoint accuracy.

I will quote Medium, one of the more trusted brands in the digital publishing space to explain how innovative the pizza industry is

“This may seem like a wild idea, but when it comes to corporate innovation, there is one industry that stands head and shoulders above the rest; the pizza industry.

No, this is not a joke.”

Domino’s Pizza lets customers watch their pizza come to life in real-time with Pizza Tracker. I love it personally. Jst because of the technology.

But what if something so simple came along that does what none of this expensive tech does. Something that notifies the pizza company that a potential customer will be engaging with them. Something that allows the pizza company to speak to that customer before they even engage.

At the end of the day, the shareholders want revenue. All the cool tech means little if pizzas are not sold. This is where marketing comes into play. Marketing shares the good news with the market and sells the pizzas. And they would love to know the moment the customer is thinking about their brand, but that is impossible. Or is it?

pkgPlace is looking for a pizza company to partner with. The pizza company stands to gain insight that is near impossible to access today. With that information, the pizza company can also do one-to-one advertising to the individual customers and even integrate this marketing into their app or customer platforms with little ease and little cost.

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