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has joined the Auction Delivery Network so you can enjoy an easy flat rate delivery for your auction purchases.

Doorstep delivery from London to Ottawa and beyond.

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Toronto and neighboring cities


Toronto and neighboring cities


London, K/W, Hamilton (401 - 403 loop)


Toronto and neighboring cities


East of Toronto to Ottawa

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Fill out this form and pkgPlace will pick up your items. The cost will be based on the number of boxes, not the number of items. We will notify you of the number of boxes and delivery cost once we pick up the boxes. After you send an e-transfer for the delivery to, we will deliver the items.

Soon we will have an app to make this easier

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    Do you ship large items?

    pkgPlace is excited to help bidders across Canada and the USA have their winnings delivered. However, at this point, we are only able to deliver items that fall within 30 inches on any single side through our third-party shipping offer. This means the large wall portrait or a mirror would not be in our offering.

    We are trying to help and if there is something larger that is boxed up (i.e. scooter or a bike) and the customer understands that these items are delivered at rates charged by Canada Post or UPS, then send us an email before you bid. We may be able to assist.

    Report your issue here

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    We are keeping the lines open and would ask that you call us at 866-999-1110 if it is urgent. If it can wait, please use this form to contact us.

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